This lovely lady came into the studio for her boudoir session recently.  She’s in her fabulous forties and was a little nervous about her shoot.   She’s 41 years old and has 3 amazing little kiddos.  She is a physician assistant by profession and in her free time she enjoys working out, reading, playing with her two adorable pups and traveling!  She’s been married for 10 years now and wanted to something special for her hubby for Valentine’s Day.

About Her Fears And Getting Over Them

“I was very nervous before going to my session and thought I would be so embarrassed.   My biggest fear was not liking the way I looked in the photos after having had three kids.   While I was there with Sarah, she made me very comfortable.   She showed me what to do, was very patient, professional and relaxed.  I think that helped me feel more relaxed too and confident as she took more photos.   After I left, I was so proud I went through with it.   Once I saw my proofs though, I was ecstatic.   I felt like it was an equal mix of sexy and tasteful.   I saw myself in a different way and was able to feel empowered by them.    I am so glad I did this session.  It really helped improve the way I feel about my body.   I hope my husband loves this album!

I’d encourage other women to give it a go.   Yes, it took courage to come out in just a bra and panties and have someone photograph you.  But, the end result makes you realize how awesome it is to be a woman and I felt Sarah captured the essence of highlighting the female body, in a positive and tasteful light!”

Oh how I love when my clients have a good experience.   My goal is to help every woman that gets in front of my lens to get some confidence back.  I think she is most certainly rocking her fabulous forties!

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