The Gorgeous M came into the studio for her boudoir session recently.  I’m only allowed to share a few discreet images with you but boy did she do amazing at her session.   At first the gorgeous M was not wanting to share any images from her session as she did this session as a private moment between her and her husband.   After her session, however, she changed her mind and has allowed me to share a few.  When you have photos this amazing it’s kinda hard to not want to share them with the world!  This is a woman who is confident with herself.  In addition, she is gorgeous and has the most amazing eyes.

Recently, I asked the gorgeous M to tell me a little bit about her session.   Here’s what she had to say:

I’m a stay at home mom of two amazing children.  We have a three year old girl and a 2 year old boy.  Husband woks on average 80 hours a week so this mama takes care of 95% of everything around the house and with the kids… literally!  My spare time is focused on my kids trying to find new things to go and places to go.   Crafts and coloring on rainy day are fun but when the kids go down for bed this mama also loves some me time and Cab Sav!

Why did I choose to do a session?  We’ve been married 8 years and I’m an extremely sexual person.  I love trying new things and wanted to see what I was made of.  I was recently reminded how beautiful I am and decided to just be me.   Embrace the curves, love handles, stretch marks and all!

Going into my session I felt pretty confident.  There was a little bit of uncomfortable when I walked out with hardly any clothes on!  That uncomfortable didn’t last long as Sarah talked to me like I was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie.  Talked to me like just anyone!  There was no judgement on my size, shape, nor what outfit I thought would look good on me.   I’m pretty comfortable with my body and knew I’d like a photo or two.  Instead, I ended up loving almost all of them.   Majority of the ones I liked were ones with less clothing too!

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How she felt after her session!

I felt amazing after the session and loved seeing the photos.   I was surprised to see beauty and calmness from the most uncomfortable of positions. The photos showed different sides of who I am.    Some of the poses I thought might be better for someone of a different body type but when I saw the images Sarah was able to capture some incredibly sexy views of my body that I never thought I had!.  It’s built confidence and assurance that all bodies can be beautiful.

Be mindful of who you are and try to become who you never thought you could be.  Like I tell my daughter to repeat to me before she goes to bed every night… “I am Strong.  I am Beautiful.  And, I can do anything!”  She may not know what she’s saying now, but hopefully these words will help guide her through life.   Be who you are.   Don’t change for anyone or anything and love what God gave you!