I first met Mary when she came to the studio for a white sheet mini session I was hosting.   Recently she came back and did an artful nude mini session.  Both of her sessions were pretty amazing and you can see her confidence radiate from within.  I love getting to work with amazing women who have confidence and want to show that off.

A little bit about Mary:

Mary is a 40 year old mom to two amazing kiddos.   She loves to go to movies with her kids, go hiking on trails and have beach BBQs!   Mary has done a couple of mini sessions with me over the last year or so.  She said doing the sessions helps give her a little bit of confidence and makes her feel good about her body.  Going into to her session she felt pretty comfortable and at ease.  “Sarah is an amazing photographer and makes you feel like she’s known you forever!”

Gosh, I’m so happy that people always say how comfortable they feel working with me.   I know that doing a boudoir session can be very intimidating.   Women are always waiting for the perfect time to do a boudoir session.   We want to lose weight, we want to get in shape and we want to be perfect.   Hate to break it to you ladies, there’s no such thing as perfect.   We are all perfectly imperfect.   Embrace who you are, love who you are and rock who you are!

Mary Artful Nude