Miss Jen came into the studio this past week to do a Winter Mini Session.   It was such an honor to meet her and have the opportunity to work with her.   This gorgeous lady has worked her butt off to get healthy and lose a ton of weight.  Honestly, she’s even inspired me a bit to get on top of my own health.

Recently, I asked Miss Jen to tell me a little bit about herself and why she did a boudoir session.

Here’s what she had to say….

I’ve never been good talking about myself but here it goes. My family is everything to me and love my three wonderful kids. Never in this world would I have thought I’d do a bodior shoot but here I am. After having two children I hated my body and battled depression. One day I finally had enough and did something about it, to date I’ve lost 100 pounds. I’ve never felt better and love myself more and more each day.  I love spending time with my kids but bowl in my spare time to reduce the stress in my life.

I looked at Sarah’s facebook page for month thinking there is no way I can do something like this. The more I looked and saw what confidence these women had in the photos inspired me. I decided I could do this and will.  I was super nervous going into my session and my anxiety was on overload.  However, when it was all said and done I was super excited about it and didn’t want the session to end.   I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning waiting to see my photos.

I’m more confident about myself and my body after my session.   All women should do a session at least once in their life.   No matter your shape or size you will come out feeling amazing and have more love for your body and self afterwards!

You too can do a session!  Be strong… be confident and be brave!