Miss M came into the studio recently for her boudoir session.   I’ve known her for awhile as I’ve done her family her kids and family pictures in the past.   I was so excited when she finally decided she was brave enough to do a boudoir session.   She’s a mom of two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl.   She loves to read, go running and biking, go to concerts and spend time with her family and friends.

A little bit from her:

“Originally, I did a session as a gift to my husband.   I also chose to do a session to establish my own self-confidence.    I was actually pretty excited going into the session.   Afterwards I felt really sexy.  I remember being very excited and anxious to receive my boudoir book.   I felt more confident and started loving my body again, stretch marks and all!  I would hope that anyone would give this a try, at least once!  It was an amazing experience!”

So many women book their session as a gift for their future husbands or for their anniversaries.   I think that is an amazing gift and what better gift to give him than amazingly sexy photos of you.   The added benefit to doing a session for your significant other is definitely the confidence that it helps bring you!   Most women walk out of here with a pep in their step and more confidence than they had walking in!  How perfect is that?!

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