Sarah came into the studio last week for her first boudoir session. Sarah is a 30 year old mom who is trying to love her new Momma body. She had a dog, cat, a wonderful husband and a beautiful two year old little girl that keep her pretty busy. In Sarah’s spare time she enjoys playing roller derby, MTG, running and of course drinking wine!

Sarah chose to do a session as an anniversary present for her husband. More importantly, however, she chose to so a session to feel more confident and comfortable with her new body. As most women are, going into her session she was a little nervous.

Afterwards, she felt sexier and more confident about herself. It doesn’t matter your size or if you have fancy lingerie, you will feel amazing after your session. Do it for yourself! Boudoir is definitely a confidence booster and you deserve to be loved by yourself!

As we age and as we have babies our bodies change. As a woman, I know how difficult it can be to embrace our new bodies. I can be difficult to accept our heavier weight and our new stretch marks. We have new curves that we didn’t have before and our weight starts to sit a little differently. My goal is to show all Mommas that even though we are different we are still amazing. We need to learn to accept ourselves for who we are now, not who we used to be!