Waxing. It’s like an evil word but a necessary evil in a woman’s life. We put ourselves through this painful procedure just for the sake of having less hair down there. I wasn’t sure I was going to talk about this but I’ve realized that it’s often one of the necessary things to do to prepare for your boudoir session. How much or how often you groom down below is a very personal topic. Having shot a lot of boudoir, though, I know that most women shave or wax before their boudoir session.

Benefits of Waxing

The nice thing about waxing vs shaving is how much smoother it is down below. With waxing you don’t get those stubborn little razor bumps, it lasts longer and over time the hair will actually grow back less and less.

Waxing Worries

I’m not going to lie, it’s a little awkward getting waxed. You worry about cleanliness, how much hair you have (I didn’t want my waxer to think I was Sasquatch!) Trust me, I’ve had all the same thoughts you may have. What if my lady bits aren’t normal? What if I have more hair than the norm? Is it normal to have hair in your butt crack? (Yes, it is) What if I fart? (Yes, I just admitted I’ve had that thought… hahaha)

Waxing is not fun. It’s awkward and slightly painful. But, it does look nice for pictures. And it’s nice to not have to deal with grooming for the next few weeks. Today, I met up with Nicole over at I’d Wax That Salon. She has a boudoir session coming up with me in a few weeks and I thought it would be nice to learn what waxing with her was like. At first, I was a little embarrassed that she was going to be all up in my lady business. After all, I know her and will be shooting her in a few weeks. She reminded me that I’m going to be seeing her butt in a few weeks as well. While I don’t think they are quite the same there is definitely a similarity there. So, I got over it and booked an appointment.

My Waxing Experience

It was so easy!!! Nicole is so happy and welcoming. When I got there, she stepped out of the room while I undressed. During the waxing process we chatted and joked around. When there were areas to be waxed that were a little sensitive she’d warn me so that I could take a deep breath. There was no part of it that felt awkward or uncomfortable. Not to mention, she was amazingly fast!!! She has the cutest little salon suite on the edge of South Naperville and North Plainfield. Her salon was clean, not cluttered and welcoming. I highly recommend you check her out. You can go regularly and get the benefits of it lasting longer and growing back less and less. Or you can go one time and get all fancied up for your boudoir session!

Check out her website for waxing tips, how to prepare and to book an appointment! She does all kinds of waxing and is pretty talented. Nicole is a super sweet girl that you just fall in love with almost immediately. I must say, it was quick, hurt less than anticipated and it felt just like girls chatting not a waxing appointment! Check out her facebook page here.

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