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What a year it has been for Miss “C”.   There has been a lot of ups and downs in her life recently but it looks like things are really starting to look up.  Getting her body confidence back has been a huge part of that.   She’s a recently divorced mom of three older kids.  Most of her life there was always something that she didn’t like about herself.  She never felt beautiful and wasn’t confident.  However, after her separation, she finally felt free and realized how unhappy she had been.  She began working on herself and happiness and confidence slowly came back.

In her spare time she enjoys getting outdoors but also enjoys a chill day at home.  Now, she chooses to enjoy life.  You only live once, so why not enjoy it!

A little about her changes:

“In 2013 I started a Paleo lifestyle.  I lost 75lbs in two years just by changing what I eat.  After my divorce I was determined to stay fit and keep my mind occupied.  I started working out more.  I always dreaded cardio, never ran, but in 2016 I started to run.  I’ve now managed to do several races and even ran the Chicago Marathon!  It took time, dedication and determination to keep going.  During training, I realized that I’m really doing this for me and only me.  Finally, I’ve accepted my body type, who I was, what I looked like and for once I realized I’m pretty perfect.  Bettering myself for ME!

I’ve always seen photographs of people doing boudoir and told myself I didn’t have the body to do a shoot.  Following Sarah on FB for some time now I finally contacted her in early 2017 to “interview” her.  I’m a detailed person and a planner.  Essentially, I wanted to “train” for this shoot like I did the marathon.  Looking for outfits was going to take time.  I wanted something that showed off MY curves.  At first I was nervous but as I shopped more I became more and more excited and confident for the shoot.  I decided I loved my body and had no shame showing off my purchase to store clerks!  I’ve finally accepted my imperfections and realize I’m perfectly imperfect and now LOVE my body.  Because I have accepted my flaws and all my body has gone through I’ve learned to love who I am.

Afterwards, I was nervous for the proofs.  I’m not usually photogenic.  However, when I got the proofs, my jaw dropped.  Excitement and awe at how my body truly looked.  Sarah has shared photos of me on her FB page.  Each time I’ve felt honored and wanted everyone to see.  I’ve made it a point in sharing them with others.  For once I felt perfect and beautiful.

This session has just instilled in myself that I’m perfectly imperfect and beautiful.  I’ll always be a work in progress.  I did this for me, only me and always for me.  I had so much fun doing it that I want to do this yearly!

My friends have seen my photos and recently one did her own boudoir shoot as well.   I told her how I did this for myself.  Rock the body you have and once you accept it, no man can make you feel less beautiful or confident.  I’ve never felt confident and now I’m getting that back and in love with my body!

Love this quote- Try and fail, but don’t fail to try. -Stephen Kaggwa”

Wow, what a year it really has been for Miss “C”.  I can see how much confidence she has gained and it really shows in her beautiful face!  We even got to play with some fun lighting for her shoot!

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