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Commonly Asked Questions

Hello Beautiful!  So, you are interested in booking a boudoir session!  They are so much fun and so rewarding!   I hope to answer all of your questions here.   If you still have questions feel free to contact me so we can discuss it in more detail!

Will my pictures be edited?2020-07-29T21:39:48-05:00

Of course!  I would never show any images without editing.  That is a big part of what makes it my art!   Your images will be edited for color, contrast as well as blemishes.   We will have you looking your best :)

Who will be present during my session? Who is photographing me?2024-01-08T17:07:25-06:00

I am a one woman show!  I believe in protecting your privacy wherever I can.  I will be the one you chat with over email, that photographs your session and edits your photos!  If for some reason, this would change, I’d let you know in advance.

Where does the session take place? What if I want to book a different location instead of the studio?2024-01-08T17:18:02-06:00

Your session will take place in my beautiful and private home based studio in Wauconda, IL.   I have a gorgeous big new studio and I promise you it’s worth the drive!

When will I get to see my images?2021-02-21T17:58:28-06:00

Typically 1-2 weeks after your session I have you back for an image reveal/ordering appointment.  At this appointment you’ll see your images for the first time and have the opportunity to pick the pictures and products that meet your needs. New this year are also Zoom and same day image reveals!!

What products do you offer?2020-07-29T21:39:55-05:00

We offer a variety of products to meet everyone’s needs.  Products range from gorgeous albums, beautiful matted prints, stunning artwork and digitals.

What is the cost and what is included?2022-01-06T13:28:59-06:00

Feel free to look under “Investment” on my website or email for more detailed pricing.

I’m worried about cellulite/acne/stretch marks.   Do you you do any retouching?2020-07-25T21:32:35-05:00

Retouching is included with every session.  I am able to remove blemishes, wrinkle, stretch marks, and smooth skin if needed.

I’m not the age/size I used to be, can you still get good photos of me?2020-07-25T21:29:24-05:00

Of course!  And I can assure you almost every other woman I’ve photographed felt the same way!  I shoot women of all age, shapes and sizes.  They all are amazed by how beautiful and hot they are when they get their portraits back!

I’m nervous, what can I expect?2020-07-25T21:31:45-05:00

Most of my clients are nervous when they get there.  Boudoir is pretty much out of everyone’s comfort zone.  When you first arrive we will sit down and talk about what you are looking for, discuss how the process works and take a look at the lingerie pieces you brought with you.  This gives us a little time to get acclimated and get to know each other first.   I promise you, within the first few minutes you will be feeling much more comfortable!

I have no clue how to pose!!  Will you help?2020-07-25T21:30:15-05:00

I will demonstrate every pose and give you guidance along the way.   You do not have to be a model to do a session.   I promise to be there with you every step of the way.

I don’t see many semi nude  or nude photos on your website?  Is that something you offer?2024-01-08T17:05:00-06:00

Yes, I do offer what I call “Artful Nudes“.  The password is: Sarah Jane
These images are done tastefully and artfully.  If this is something you are interested in we usually do it near the end of the session so we are both comfortable with each other by then.

How long will the session take?2024-01-08T17:16:42-06:00

It really all depends on how many outfits you bring, how comfortable you are and how fast we move.   The average session takes about 1.5 hours.  I promise, I’ll shoot til I know you have a full and amazing gallery!

How far in advance should I book my session?2020-12-03T20:55:33-06:00

If you plan on giving your photos as a gift I recommend booking your session approximately 4-6 weeks before you plan on giving them as a gift. During non busy seasons I sometimes can make it work in less time so it never hurts to ask!

How do I schedule a session? 2024-01-08T17:18:56-06:00

Email me at sarah@sarahjaneboudoir.com, message me through the contact link on my website or call 708-254-0435.  You can even pick your date and book right on the spot on the contact page as well.

How do I prepare for my session?2024-01-08T17:03:17-06:00

Please consider hair touch ups, waxing and mani pedicures prior to your session.  Nails- avoid chipped polish.  Soft pink, nudes or classic red works well for nails.  Wear loose fitting clothing the day of your session so that you do not have lines from your clothing on your skin.  When you book I’ll send you a guide on how to prepare for your session.

How do I pay?  Do you take payment plans?2024-01-08T17:09:59-06:00

We take a variety of payment methods including credit cards!   We also offer Pre-Session Payment plans.  This allows you to pre pay for your session and collect bonuses when doing so!  On occasion we can do a combination of a pre and post session payment plan.

Do you include hair and makeup?2024-03-19T12:25:38-05:00

Hair & Makeup is now included in your session.  Prefer to do it on your own?  That’s ok too.  Just let me know at booking!  Here’s some samples from our lead makeup artist, Rosie.

Do I bring my own lingerie? How many outfits can I bring?2024-01-08T17:12:08-06:00

Yes, bring some lingerie with you.  I usually recommend you bring at 2-4 outfits with you.  One-piece body suits work for lots of body types.  I always suggest bringing at least 1 bra/panty set as well.  Feel free to bring heels and jewelry with you as well.  Think outside the box…. an off the shoulder sweater, a tank/panty and crop tops can all be super sexy!   I do have a full studio closet featuring lingerie that you are welcome to borrow from as well.

Can I bring someone with me to my shoot?2024-01-08T17:13:36-06:00

I find that even a best friend can be distracting and people relax much better when it’s just the two of us.  If your friend or partner wants to meet me to be sure I’m not a crazy person, they are welcome to come and meet me as you’re arriving.  If you are absolutely sure you need support, reach out to me to discuss!

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