Each and every one of my clients thinks boudoir is a little outside of their comfort zone.  I asked my past clients what they were most worried about and how they felt about it after they got their photos back.   Here are some of their words!


“I decided to do the session as an opportunity to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. As a mom of 2 kids and having some autoimmune disease my body has been through a lot. I was worried about my mom body looking out of proportion, and also critiquing every little flaw. It was BEYOND empowering to love me and embrace my body, all that is has been through. Sarah is so easy going and honestly she was a huge reason why I took the leap of faith. I’m SO glad I did and my photos turned out awesome. Sarah is so talented, I love all of her work. If anyone is on the fence go for it! You won’t regret it.”   -K.J


“I did my session as a birthday present for my husband. I think the thing that I was most nervous about was taking off my clothes in front of a perfect stranger! I’ve had 3 kids, so it can be a very daunting idea. Sarah is so much fun to work with. She makes all the poses so easy and definitely puts you at ease. I was floored when I received my photos (which was unbelievably fast!). I couldn’t believe I was looking at myself. They were amazing and my husband loves them. I’m so glad that I did this and documented this time in my life. I enjoyed working with her so much, we’re doing a family shoot this week. She’s very talented.”  -A.S


“I was worried about how the pictures were going to look bc of the poses sometimes being uncomfortable and they looked amazing. Sarah makes your photo session easy going and fun. I would highly recommend her for any shoots.”  -N.L


“I’ve always been overly self conscious for as long as I can remember and like every other woman I have parts about me that I absolutely have to hide! I personally was most worried that I wouldn’t look the way I imagined I would in the photos…when I walked out in my first outfit….I thought to myself “omg I have no clothes on, God I feel fat, omg my boobs won’t stay in, God this is kinda uncomfortable…..amongst other things….Sarah made is so easy and comfortable even tho some of the positions felt weird they still turned out gorgeous!!!! Yes it was empowering, a huge confidence booster and it helped me to see me for as beautiful as I felt!!! Sarah you are amazing and I really hope to do another session with you in the future!!! It’s an amazing experience!!!!!”  -E.L


Sarah Jane Boudoir is based in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago serving Plainfield/Naperville and surrounding areas.