Blake is a beautiful woman in her mid thirties.  She’s a mom of two precious kiddos.  Blake is pretty proud of her body and how it looks post kids.  Recently, she’s lost a little bit of weight and was feeling extra confident.  She booked her boudoir session because she wanted to document this time in her life.

I asked Blake some questions about her session.  It’s my hope that seeing and reading direct from these beautiful women will help put you at ease when thinking about booking your own session.

Blake, going into your session were you nervous about anything?

“I knew it would go good because I loved Sarah low key and easygoing vibe. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. From booking to taking pictures to seeing the proofs to getting my album.”

Why did you book with Sarah for your boudoir session?

“I loved her setup and her backgrounds and props. Loved the teal chase and the pink couch. Loved all the extra options like bondage and neon lights. She had a lot of offerings and made it easy to choose. Other photographers I looked at didn’t have that. “

Did you have a favorite part of your boudoir session?

“I loved how efficient it was and how Sarah showed and modeled all the poses. We got through many outfits and scenes. I loved that she had a wardrobe too to pick out outfits. She’s so easy going and made me feel relaxed. Our time together whizzed by and I got my photos and albums very quickly. I was very happy with the photos. I feel more confident in my own skin now.  And I feel like I have proof (pictures) of this time in my life.  It was a freeing form of self care for myself.”

I absolutely love that she refers to her boudoir session as a form of self care.  I 100% agree with this statement and feel that it’s a way to get a little bit of yourself back.  All too often women kinda lose themselves.  We are mothers, wives, co workers, friends that we lose touch of who we truly are.  Boudoir helps you get a little bit of that back.


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