Brynn is a 41 year old female that is both single and pansexual.  Her career is in hospice and is also a home health nurse.  Brynn is an animal lover, a nature lover and she enjoys adventure.  With a yolo (you only live once) approach to life, she doesn’t mind traveling alone and trying new things by herself.  She dearly loves her friend and their children, although she doesn’t have any children of her own.  Life is short!  And Brynn thinks it’s important to do the things that you’ll look back on and smile or laugh at in life.  Heck, try all the things!  And this is why she decided to do her own boudoir shoot.

I asked Brynn a few questions about her session:

Going into the shoot were you worried or scared about anything?

“I was worried I would look unnatural in the positions. Turns out I did not – I looked at ease in the photos! Sarah did a good job explaining how to achieve the poses and they turned out great. “

Why do you recommend booking with Sarah?

“She makes it fun and easy to follow instructions. Her home studio is comfortable and she provides many outfit options. Her photos turn out EPIC! She is amazing at her craft!”

What was your favorite part of your session?  And have you noticed any changes in yourself since your session?

“I loved our talks between photo shooting. I got to know Sarah and what a beautiful soul she has. Also I loved being in the tub 😆 on fur! I look at my photos way more than I thought I would! Damn this body is hot!!!”

I just loved working with this gorgeous woman.  Mostly, I loved the conversations we had while shooting.  She is an absolute joy to get to know and her smile is just so genuine.  You can’t help but love her to pieces when you get to know her!

Brynn_0070 Brynn_0069 Brynn_0072

Interested in getting more information or booking your own boudoir session?  Contact me now for more information.  I can’t wait to hear from you!