June 2024

Kait | Lake County Boudoir Photographer


Kait recently booked her boudoir session at my studio. I loved working with her, and she was a joy to photograph. Through our talks during her session, we really connected. And Iove how she is putting a focus on herself and learning to get a little bit of herself back.  What Kait had to say [...]

Kait | Lake County Boudoir Photographer2024-06-07T10:46:57-05:00

May 2024

Stella | Vernon Hills Boudoir Photographer


Stella is a full time working mom of a 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl.  With her 10 year anniversary coming up, Stella wanted to give her husband a big surprise.  Needless to say, that's where the idea of a boudoir session came up.  It just so happened that this year she [...]

Stella | Vernon Hills Boudoir Photographer2024-05-16T17:22:43-05:00

Brittany | Vernon Hills Boudoir Photographer


Brittany is a 36 year old mom to 3 amazing kiddos.  She has a wonderful husband who she's been with for 15 years.  Brittany is a newly licensed Registered Nurse.  Congratulations girl!  And she has a mild obsession with spicy novels and also has a serious obsession with Harry Potter. I also think Brittany might [...]

Brittany | Vernon Hills Boudoir Photographer2024-05-13T17:38:53-05:00

You Don’t Need To Lose Weight To Do A Session


Hello beautiful!  Today, let's chat about boudoir sessions.  You know those sessions where you get all dolled up in fancy lingerie and feel like a total badass!  But are you are worried you need to lose weight before your session.  I don't know how to be any more blunt:  You don't need to lose weight [...]

You Don’t Need To Lose Weight To Do A Session2024-05-07T11:48:52-05:00

Bare Moxie


Bare Moxie isn't just any bra boutique. They are your go to for finding the perfect fit. With two convenient locations in Geneva and DesPlaines, you will certainly find something that works for you. They also offer custom bra fittings to make sure you get the perfect fit every time. The story behind Bare Moxie [...]

Bare Moxie2024-05-03T15:19:22-05:00

Mis Plantitas


Mis Plantitas, the cozy plant haven in downtown Wauconda. Since its doors opened in August 2021, this little store has been a labor of love for Megan. A Wauconda local whose love for plants bloomed into a full-fledged woman owned business. Megan has spent most of her adult life in the community. So, when the [...]

Mis Plantitas2024-05-03T10:41:33-05:00

April 2024

Brynn | Wauconda Boudoir Photographer


Brynn is a 41 year old female that is both single and pansexual.  Her career is in hospice and is also a home health nurse.  Brynn is an animal lover, a nature lover and she enjoys adventure.  With a yolo (you only live once) approach to life, she doesn't mind traveling alone and trying new [...]

Brynn | Wauconda Boudoir Photographer2024-04-18T14:17:05-05:00

What Clients Are Afraid to Ask Their Boudoir Photographer


Hello Beautiful! Are you thinking about booking a boudoir shoot? I bet you have some questions. Well, you're not alone! It's perfectly normal to have some hesitations and some questions before baring it all in front of the camera. But fear not, today I am going to tackle those questions to help put your mind [...]

What Clients Are Afraid to Ask Their Boudoir Photographer2024-04-12T09:29:49-05:00

Jamin’ T-Shirts: Your Go To Custom T-Shirt Destination


Meet Jamin' T-Shirts, your go-to online destination for fun shirts and more!  This fun t-shirt business is available online and based right here in Grayslake, IL. Let's dive into the heartwarming story of how it all began. Back in 2017, Jessica found herself newly divorced. With some newfound free time on her hands as her [...]

Jamin’ T-Shirts: Your Go To Custom T-Shirt Destination2024-04-11T11:18:24-05:00

Kora | Wauconda Boudoir Photographer


Kora is a 46 year old mother of two.  Her daughter is 24.  Her son is her angel of 9.5 years.  She also has an adorable 5 year old granddaughter.  Kora and her husband have been together for 7 years, married for 4 years.  For work, she works for a legacy airline as a ramp [...]

Kora | Wauconda Boudoir Photographer2024-04-10T15:49:36-05:00
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