Cindy is on a journey to improving her health.  She booked her session to celebrate a significant weight loss.  A 59 year old woman, Cindy lives with her significant other Ed, and they have been together for close to 20 years.  She has two grown children, a daughter who’s 40 and a son that is 34.  No grandkids but a grand-kitten she just adores. Over the last year she’s gone through some pretty momentous changes both physically and mentally.   She’s lost 147 pounds since October of last year, and with that she’s also learning to lover herself and feel more at home in her new body.

Cindy is a costume designer by trade and has worked on the set of various movies and TV projects.  She’s also a paranormal investigator and leads a team of investigators that have traveled to many haunted locations throughout the country.  With her experience, she’s appeared on TV and several radio programs to discuss her paranormal experiences.

In her spare time, Cindy loves to travel and photograph nature.  Crafting and painting with acrylics is something she spends a lot of time doing.  She belongs to a few “kindness rock” painting groups and does a lot of volunteer work for Alzheimer’s Awareness.   Alzheimer Awareness is something that is very closer to her heart.   Her Mom passed away from complications of Alzheimer’s and her brother now suffers from early onset.

With most of my boudoir sessions I like to ask my clients to tell me a little bit about their session.

Here’s what Cindy had to say about her session:

“I did this for myself! I made myself a promise that if I lost 100 pounds I would do a photo shoot. Never would I have imagined I would surpass that by almost 1/2.  Going into my session I was actually I was pretty nervous. I never thought of myself as pretty and didn’t think I would look good in sexy clothes. In fact I struggled to find outfits that would cover me up so nobody could see my wrinkled droopy skin. With talking to Sarah I told her that I was concerned about my skin and didn’t want any wrinkles to show in my pictures. I was SO wrong!”

“After my session I felt amazing! Sarah made me feel very relaxed and glamorous throughout the whole shoot. It was the most empowering experience of my life! Now I know I never have to hide behind clothes to be who I am. My skin is just a small part of me and definitely does not define me as a person. It was truly a turning point for me in regards to the way I feel and see myself.”

More about her session:

“Growing up overweight in the era where a size 4 was considered average and being overweight was not accepted, I had very poor body image and was constantly ridiculed about my weight. I grew up hearing how I was not pretty or I could not do this or that because I was too fat. Back then I would have never even consider doing anything like this. I hated the way I looked. Even after losing the weight I still struggled with poor body image. Seeing my pictures for the first time was a total turn around. I could not even believe it was me. Now I am working on loving myself, for WHO I am and not for the body that I have.”

“Say goodbye to your inner critic, and take this investment in yourself. You are the only one that can decide how you love and honor your body. It is as simple as making a choice to celebrate yourself, to embrace your whole being and not let others tell you how to feel about your body. The freedom that came from finally accepting and loving myself is like nothing I have ever felt before, and it is truly a liberating feeling. A big part of that I owe to Sarah and how much she is all about body positivity. Doing a session with her is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Through her lens she has the ability to not only make you look absolutely stunning she will also bring out your inner beauty. “

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