This curvy beauty came to the studio recently for her boudoir session and boy did she rock her session.   I always say that the sexiest women are those that are confident and put themselves out there.  She radiated confidence and it showed in all of her photographs.

After your session with me, I have you come back for an image reveal and ordering appointment.   At this time we go through products and get to see all of your images.  Every so often I have someone want to bring their husband to the reveal.   Often times this can be difficult because what you like may be different than what he likes in your images.  This curvy beauty brought her husband along and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more proud, supportive and endearing husband here yet!  He loved each and every image just as much as the one before it.  What a refreshing session and reveal we had!!!

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A little bit about her:

So, I wanted to tell you a little bit more about this curvy beauty and let you hear a little bit straight from her.  This lovely lady is a newlywed, art teacher and proud Aunt!   She loves to travel and has been to over 13 different countries, most recently to Spain for their Honeymoon.  She is passionate about hot yoga, reading and cooking and might just watch an obsessive amount of Bravo TV!!

Now, a little straight from this curvy beauty herself:

“I chose to do a session as a first anniversary gift for my husband. He had hinted before that at some point in our relationship he would love this as a gift. Since the first anniversary is paper, I thought it would be a sexy twist on an old tradition!

I was a little nervous how I would translate in photographs. I’m a curvier woman and I don’t love being photographed. On the other hand, I have zero problem with nudity so I wasn’t as much nervous about the potential awkwardness of being naked in front of someone who wasn’t my romantic partner. Since I have taken life drawing classes with nude models before, I knew what it would be like to be on the creative side of a nude/lingerie experience so I knew Sarah would want to make me feel comfortable and beautiful.

I felt sensational after my session! Especially because my husband didn’t know about the shoot. It was a total rush, incredibly exciting to think about his response when he found out. Sarah made sure I was laughing and feeling my best, which showed in the pictures!

I felt so empowered after my session. Very “I am woman, hear me roar!” Haha but seriously I can’t think of another way to describe it. I am the kind of person who walks around in paint covered clothes with my hair in a bun so after this session I felt so feminine and stunning.

Sarah was amazing and open to collaboration, I had an idea of a couple of specific things I wanted to do. Anyone can do this! Own your body, there are tons of reasons that your partner loves your body (or you love your body!) so show it off!”


Honestly, after this session I was beaming with excitement.   It was fun to have a client that was open to ideas, brave to try new things and we laughed a lot too!  She is officially my new muse :)

You too could rock a session!!!!  Book your session today and let me show you how amazing you are as well!