Elaine and Her Hard Work is Paying Off!

Elaine recently came into the studio for her session.   This session was a little different than many of the boudoir sessions I’ve shot.   It was an incredibly rewarding shoot though and I can’t wait for you to learn a little bit more about her!

Straight from Miss Elaine herself:

Tell me a bit about yourself:

“I work a lot.  Working 3 jobs keeps me busy.   In my spare time I love to work out.   Cardio, lifting weights, kick boxing, yoga, etc… I love it all.   I also love to travel.”

Why did you choose to do a session:

“I decided prior to registering to compete in a Fitness Universe competition and promising myself that I was going to get in the best shape of my life that a boudoir shoot was my reward. I promised myself that i would make myself proud and memorialize the hard work with a boudoir photo shoot (something I never ever thought I would do).   Going into my session I felt amazing and confident.  I was one week out of competition.”

How did I feel after my session:

“After my session I felt confident, amazing and had a blast.  I have promised myself that after each competing season I will do a shoot to create a photographic journal of my transformation.  Wow!  I have never really felt sexy, but yeah, I do now.  I know I can go from tomboy playing hockey to looking like a movie star.   Do a session!   Reward yourself for being you!”

You too should book a session for yourself.   It used to be that the women who came into my studio were often booking the session as a gift for their man.   They would book it for a wedding or anniversary gift.   Lately, the majority of my clients have been booking sessions for themselves.  I love that!     You should book one too!    Click HERE to get in touch with me!