Jessie is 27 years old and has 2 adorable cats.  She has been married for just about a year.  Her hobbies are reading and taking long walks.  Also, she loves helping people in any way she can.  Jessie has been wanting to do a boudoir session for awhile.  But, she finally decided to actually book her session as a gift to her husband for their 1 year anniversary.

As with most of my sessions, I like to ask my clients some questions about their session.  I feel it helps future clients to see real people that look just like them.  Also, it’s a little reassuring to see that they have the same worries as you and me.

Jessie, were you worried about anything going into your shoot?

“I really tried not to expect anything or put too much pressure on myself, but I was a little anxious about how I would feel when I saw the images. I struggle with body image and sometimes I feel like my self-image isn’t always completely accurate with what I see in the mirror vs. real life. I was scared I would look too “fat” and be disappointed.”


Why do you recommend booking with Sarah?

“I would recommend Sarah over other photographers because she is such a real person and is very personable. She makes you feel comfortable and confident. She will put you at ease and make you feel like you’re just catching up with an old friend! She’s amazing! “

What was your favorite part of the session?   Have you noticed any changes in yourself since your session?

“My favorite part was when I got to see my images! I mean, the whole thing was fun, but it felt so great when I got my images and saw how beautiful I am. I feel much sexier and confident in my body and I do feel like I have accepted it more for all it is. I feel thankful to have my body and to have been able to do a boudoir shoot.”

I honestly loved working with Jessie.  She was so fun to talk to and we even played around at the end of her session.  Since her session was in October, I pulled out Mr. Bones my tall boudoir skeleton and we did a few fun couples pictures with him.  I really hope her husband loved these images as much as I did.


Would you like to learn a little bit more about me, Sarah, before booking your session?   Check out my About Me page to learn more!