Karli was so excited to be part of this self-love movement.  As a mother to a little girl, she knows how important it is to be loving and accepting to your body.   Karli wants to be a good example to her daughter.

Here’s some things Karli had to say about her self-love journey:

“Self-love means to love yourself in every season of your life, regardless of what your body looks like.”

“I really love myself! Stretch marks, scars, ripples, bumps and all. I am grateful that I was able to do the work to get to this place while my daughter is still young so I can model that for her.  Honestly, the thing that got me to this point in my journey was MY FIRST BOUDOIR SHOOT!  I’m not even kidding. That was definitely the event that made me appreciate myself exactly as I was and not wishing I looked or felt like someone else. ”

“I just want to encourage women to take the time to feel their own bodies and learn and appreciate its landscape. Have you ever looked at a piece of art and said to yourself “wow, I wish it wasn’t as colorful and full of all that texture?” probably not. The same goes for your body. I used to beat myself up for not looking the way my partners wanted me to. I contemplated all sorts of diets and surgeries to make myself more “sexy” and less “bumpy” but I knew even if I did that they would still find something wrong with my body anyway and I am glad I did not move forward with any of them. Do not change yourself for anyone but yourself . Also please remember to give yourself grace when you just aren’t feeling yourself . The journey to self love is not linear”

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I hope you enjoyed learning more about Karli’s self love journey and can’t wait to learn about yours too!   Want to apply to be part of the self-love movement?  Message me!