Kendra reached out to me to do a boudoir session late last year.  She was a little hesitant as she is a plus sized curvy woman and didn’t see a whole lot of that on my website.   This is true, there really isn’t many plus sized women on my website.   Unfortunately, some women are a little hesitant to let me share images publicly.   I wish more women would let me share their images.  Only then, would women really realize that all women can do boudoir sessions!

Kendra Blog

A little about Kendra:

Kendra is a stay at home mom and is very involved with her community.  She loves doing needle felting, youtube paint videos, playing board games, yoga and swimming.   After working for some time she finally feels like she has gotten her mental health together.   This year she turned 30 and realized that she kept saying some day when I lose weight or get in shape she’d do a session.   Ultimately, she decided why not just enjoy herself now instead of judging her current self.   So, she booked a session!   At first she was a little nervous about her session but more than anything she was excited.   Afterwards, she was happy and couldn’t wait to see how they came out.   The session made it easier to feel confident and see how beautiful she was.  She insists you shouldn’t wait for the “some day”…. do it now, why wait!

This woman is quite possibly one of the most uplifting and postive women I know.   I am so very thankful she let me photograph her and even more importantly, let me share some images with the world.   Beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes and we are all pretty darn wonderful.

Kendra Boudoir Session