The Lovely Linda came in for a boudoir session a couple months ago.   Her session was extra special for me as I was lucky enough to photograph her and her husband’s wedding awhile back.  I think the lovely Linda is a pretty special woman and was so excited when she reached out to me to do a boudoir session as a Christmas gift for her husband.  Linda is in her 40’s and has an amazing son that she is super proud of.  She has the most amazing blonde silky hair that looked amazing in her photographs.  Linda brings a classy look to her session and I am so honored that she chose me to capture these images for her!

After shooting both her wedding and boudoir pictures I can say that I’ve gotten to know this sweet woman pretty well and consider her a friend!  I love when past clients come back for other amazing creative shoots!

Boudoir sessions make the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays!   More importantly though, do a boudoir session for yourself.   Show yourself how amazing you are!!!


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