Mariana believes that self-love means the appreciation and alignment with who one is body, mind and soul.

“One does not have to like every aspect of herself in order to appreciate who she is. Like art; we can appreciate the value of the piece and have a deep understanding of what it took to conceptualize and make that piece. If we can see ourselves from that perspective we can stop being so hard on ourselves and learn to celebrate who we are.”

I love that Mariana truly understands that we need to learn to celebrate who we are.

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Here’s a little bit from Mariana about her self-love journey:

“My journey to self-love has been incredibly long and hard, but today, I can say that I am in full acceptance and appreciation of everything I am. It took a lot, but I’m there.”

“I can name several experiences that helped me along in this journey. The first was when I met my birth mother and finally being able to see myself in someone else’s image. I adore my adoptive parents, but this was something that was missing. I also found a lot more acceptance in some relationships than what I had in myself. They helped me looked at myself through different eyes. But it wasn’t until I had a deeper understanding of who I was on the inside that I could fully accept myself on the outside. Part of it was giving birth to a beautiful girl who some call “mini me”. Seeing myself in her also provided that much needed mirror.”

See ourselves for who we truly are!

“I think it’s important that we all get to that point of seeing ourselves for who we truly are. The media has for decades, if not longer, sold us beauty standards. We live in a world full of expectations that twists us up trying to meet them and in that process we lose sight of who we really are. We owe it to ourselves, to our daughters, and even to our sons to do the work and get to that place where we can appreciate and love ourselves for who we really are. I do. I hope every woman gets that opportunity.”

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