Mis Plantitas, the cozy plant haven in downtown Wauconda. Since its doors opened in August 2021, this little store has been a labor of love for Megan. A Wauconda local whose love for plants bloomed into a full-fledged woman owned business.

Megan has spent most of her adult life in the community. So, when the opportunity arose to carve out her own green oasis, she knew there was no place she’d rather be. The ambiance of her store, along with the culture and community of downtown Wauconda, felt like the perfect fit.

Her plant obsession started as a couple little plants she brought home. A couple became a lot, and she realized her passion could become a business. Then she could have plants at home and work! Mis Plantitas means “little plant” in Spanish. With her husband being Mexican, she loved bringing their family background and history into her store. It’s more than just a store; it’s a celebration of family, community and nurturing life.

Mis Plantitas, it’s not just plants.

But Mis Plantitas isn’t just about plants—it’s a hub for local artisans and small businesses, with a special focus on women-owned, minority-led, and LGBTQ+ ventures. Megan’s support and community shines through in every corner of her store, making each purchase feel like a contribution to something bigger.

Mis Plantitas has an adorable little store front, but she also does events at local venues such as breweries and more. They do corporate spaces as well. They will come to your workspace and help design and find plants that will fit well in your space. In the future they would like to get more involved in helping people find plants for their home as well. Essentially, coming into your home and designing what plants would work best in your space.

Help with repotting!

Mis Plantitas goes above and beyond with free repotting events. They also have a handy repotting station where you can get your hands dirty with expert guidance. It’s all part of the mission to empower plant lovers with the knowledge and tools they need to nurture their plants.

One of the things that sets Mis Plantitas apart is Megan’s thoughtful organization of plants by pet-friendliness and care difficulty—a godsend for newbie plant parents. Megan is a wealth of knowledge, ready to share her green-thumb wisdom with anyone who walks through the door.

Out of curiosity, I asked Megan what plants she thinks are the easiest to grow. A Snake plant or ZZ plant is probably the easiest as they thrive on neglect! They are draught tolerant and can do well with little light. As far as the hardest plants, she says most plants in the calathea family can be difficult. I would agree, my most picky plant is my Rattlesnake Calathea. Alocasia plants can also be a challenge as well. They are typically meant best for outdoors and sometimes don’t always do well indoors.

Whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast or just dipping your toes into plants, Mis Plantitas welcomes you with open arms (and plenty of foliage). Why not pay a visit to this adorable store and let Megan’s passion for plants inspire your own green journey? Trust me, you won’t leave empty-handed.

And while you are here…. enjoy some gorgeous boudoir images of course with plants!  Contact me to learn more about doing your own boudoir session.

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