Miss Erin’s boudoir session a couple of weeks ago was extra special for me.   See, this is the second time I’ve done a boudoir session for Miss Erin.   She has been on a health journey and has been working hard to lose weight but more importantly to get in shape.  Don’t get me wrong, she looks amazing!!!!!   But, what I thought was the best part about shooting her again was seeing how much more confident she’s become.   You can tell, she is certainly more comfortable with herself and that is pretty amazing to witness.

Erin Boudoir Blog

As with all of my boudoir ladies, I asked Miss Erin to share a little bit about her experience.

Here’s a little bit from Miss Erin herself:

“I did this boudoir session as an anniversary gift for my husband.  Over the last year, we have been working out and doing our best to eat better.  I really wanted to show him how well it has paid off!  What better way to do it?

This time I was way more comfortable with my second boudoir shoot.   When I say comfortable, I mean in my own skin and the way I feel about myself.   Afterwards I felt amazing and proud.

For me, it wasn’t the session itself that changed the way I felt about myself.   What changed how I felt was seeing the images afterwards.   I have always struggled with my weight and appearance.  I’ve never been truly happy with the way I felt I looked no matter what anyone told me or how they complimented me.  My legs have always bothered me, especially my calves.   Stretch marks, weight in certain areas I just couldn’t get rid of and so on always bothered me.   In my first boudoir session, I still saw what I considered my flaws.

So, instead of continuing to try and make instant changes, we decided to start making healthy long term changes.  These changes are NOT easy for me.   I like to eat and have very little discipline!  Baby steps and still some struggling but I have finally got myself to a place where I am so much more healthy and happy with myself and it totally shows in my last boudoir session.   To me, the pictures really show me the true progress of the changes I’ve made in my life!    Even the smallest changes that most people would never notice, like my calves (lol… they’ve gotten a little smaller!).   I’m finally happy with myself and Sarah captured that in ALL of my photos <3”

What an amazing way to document your journey and life story.  You too can capture it as well :)