Miss K came into the studio recently.   She had booked a boudoir session as a gift for her husband for their wedding day.   With all the chaos that Covid had brought they ended up cancelling their big venue wedding and just doing a small intimate wedding on their own earlier than they had originally planned.    Her now husband is always so good about lifting her up when she gets down about her insecurities with her body.  So, she had decided to do a boudoir session just as much for herself as she did for her husband.  She wanted to try and see herself through his eyes and not be so hard on herself.

I asked Miss K a couple of questions about her session.

Here’s what Miss K had to say!

“I felt a little nervous but warmed up to it pretty quickly. It was fun and I’ve never done anything like it!  I felt so excited and liberated! I think most women can just be so hard on themselves. Not to sound like a broken record but especially with social media, it’s hard to not compare yourself to other women, but you don’t know what other women are comparing themselves to you. Not that they should, but every woman has valuable qualities.”

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