Ms. M recently came into the studio for a maternity boudoir session.  I wish more women would do maternity boudoir as they just make my heart oh so happy.  There’s something so incredibly beautiful about a woman’s body when she’s pregnant.  Truly, it’s amazing and beautiful what the human body is capable of.

Ms. M booked her boudoir session as an anniversary gift for her husband.  She had such a hard time accepting her postpartum body after her first baby.  She was hoping that she’d be ale to see herself in a new light by doing a boudoir maternity shoot while pregnant with her second baby.

Recently, I asked Ms. M a few questions about her session.

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Going into your shoot, were you worried or nervous about anything?

“I was worried my photos wouldn’t come out looking sexy. I was nervous they’d all end up looking like maternity pictures. I was also nervous that I wasn’t capable of producing those fun, sexy images like I had seen in Sarah’s portfolio and other portfolios online. “

Why do you recommend booking with Sarah?

“I really loved working with Sarah because the entire process was with Sarah! There was no annoying assistant to deal with. Also, the consultation & booking process was easy and comfortable with Sarah – I appreciate that there was no pressure to buy everything or send referrals.”

What was your favorite part of your session?

“The images! All of my nerves were for nothing because my collection is amazing. I didn’t even know that side of me existed and I’m so happy to have found it with Sarah’s help. I don’t think I’ve ever truly thought of myself as “sexy”, especially after having a baby, nursing and getting pregnant again. It’s easy to dwell on what will never be the same. This experience has definitely left me feeling like one HOT mama! I’m feeling way more confident and comfortable!”

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