Ms. S booked a beach mini session recently with me. These were special limited edition beach sessions at sunrise. I’ve never had the opportunity to do these before as I need to be able to find private, secluded spots for outdoor boudoir. I’m so excited that Ms. S was able to make this session work with her schedule. It was a pleasure to meet her. She has such an amazing and bubbly personality. I know Ms. S was a little nervous going into her session, as most women are. So, I asked her to tell us a little bit about her and how the session went.

A little bit right from Ms. S herself:

“I am a full time mommy-to-FOUR kiddo and a fur-baby. I have been married for almost 20 years. Every day I more in love with my husband – I truly believe in “soul mates”, because I have found mine. At 46 years old, I’m a small business owner who pushes herself to do more everyday. Always excited to see what tomorrow, next month, next year may have in store for me. Having experienced unbelievable loss in my lifetime, having pushed through the grief and come through on the other side – I’m stronger, braver, more fearless than the “old me” could have ever been.

Spare time is pretty sparse, but when I do have time off I enjoy spending it with my hubby, family and friends. We love to travel and can make most anything an “adventure”!

Why did I book a boudoir session?

My husband and I are celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary in September. I truly wanted to give him a “gift” that was beyond dollars & cents. Gifting him a piece of ME…even after all the changes that 4 kiddos brings has brought to my body, a thickening waistline, and fine wrinkles. He still thinks I’m beautiful and HIS is the only opinion that really has an impact on me. So, I wanted to celebrate who we are as a couple and how far we have both come in in our relationship by stepping out of my comfort zone.

Going into my session I was NERVOUS! Didn’t sleep well the night before my session from the nerves! This was pretty interesting because the business I own is a brick-and-mortar that is FOCUSED on helping women feel and look their very best. My business works on building their confidence and inner-moxie with great fitting undergarments. Yet, when it came to be “baring it all” I had hesitations. It reminded me that ALL women, regardless of their shape or size, have insecurities that are very real to them and doing this type of photo session makes you face those insecurities head on.

Afterwards, I felt empowered, sexy, unstoppable, strong and BRAVE!

When I saw the pictures, I was amazed….I stopped picking out all of my perceived “flaws” and started appreciating my curves, my softer lines, my feminine charms, MY body – who I am today. My body isn’t perfect (not even close) but I wouldn’t change one stretch mark, not one dimple for the wonderful life that I’ve been blessed to live and the amazing people that have come into it!

Being nervous is completely natural but you are in fabulous hands with Sarah. Her personality will put you at ease and help you relax to get the best shots possible – truly exposing the inner-you – she captures your playfulness, your sultriness, or sassiness and all with the click of a camera.

Invest in yourself and do a boudoir session! Click HERE to learn more.