Rachael came into the studio recently for her boudoir session.  This was Rachael’s second boudoir session with me.  I am always thrilled to photograph her.  Not only is Rachael a beautiful tall red head, she’s down to earth and so fun to talk to.  She was unbelievably stunning at her session.  I think because this was her second session she was a little more relaxed for this session.  Being a little more relaxed in front of the camera just made the session all the more fun for her and you can absolutely tell in her face.

When we began discussing her vision for her session she asked me if we could do a red handprint on her tush picture.   Haha… I joked…. does that mean I get to smack your butt?!   If I didn’t already know Rachael ahead of time I’m not sure I would have agreed to it.  But since we were already friends,  heck yeah.   This gorgeous beauty is a natural red head with pale skin and full of freckles.   Her skin was perfect to show the red handprint.  What a perfect photo it was and I loved that she felt comfortable enough with me to capture this image!

Take a look at her photos and see how stunning she really is.  And, if you are thinking about doing your own boudoir session you can contact me HERE for more information.

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