Rachal has been talking about doing a boudoir session for quite some time.   I was so excited when she finally booked her session.   Unfortunately, we had to reschedule her session once due to Covid concerns.   I’ve had many reschedules this year for the same reason.   I’d rather be safe than sorry and I’m so glad my clients feel the same way!

Rachel had originally booked a Halloween Mini Session but because we had to reschedule her session we decided to do a modified version of that setup.   She definitely lucked out because I was getting ready to launch my Cloud Minis as well.  So, she got two setups!!   I personally think she rocked both of the setups.

Rachal is a divorced mom of two big boys.   I think she needed this session to celebrate who she is as a woman.  Often women spend so much time taking care of our kids and being a caregiver that we forget to embrace our feminine side.  Sometimes just the experience of having a boudoir session and seeing your pictures helps bring a little bit of that back.   So many women have told me how confident they are after their sessions.  I know I’ve said it before and I’ll most definitely say it again.  Every woman should do a boudoir session at least once.   Often times ladies will come back and do another.   Boudoir is such an addictive thing.   There’s such a high you get from seeing how amazingly beautiful and perfect you are.

All women are different.   All women are beautiful.  And, all women need to realize this.   We aren’t meant to all be the same.  Let me show you how amazingly perfect you are right now.  Not how you will be in a year or so.   Right now!

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