Oh how beautiful Samantha was at her boudoir session.  She has the most sultry curves and a beautiful smile.  It was an absolute joy to photograph her.

After my clients have a boudoir session, I like to send them a quick questionairre about their session.  Samantha’s words were so perfect on their own.  Today, I’ll be sharing a little bit from Samantha herself.

SammiL Blog_0223

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

“This question always tends to give me anxiety… I can never pinpoint something that makes me stand out from other people. In addition, I am continually working on myself- mentally, physically, emotionally- all the ways. I play volleyball and I work two jobs. When I have alone time I try to focus on me and occasionally hang out with some girlfriends for a wine night. I love a good adventure and trying new things all the time. I love losing myself and my imagination in books. Netflix is always great for a good binge. I am outgoing, but can also be a bit of an introvert. I adore my dog- Riley, and spend as much time outside during the warmer months.”

Why did you choose to do a boudoir session?

“I chose to do a boudoir session for me, myself and I. I have struggled with self image for a few years now. After being part of a long-term relationship and it ending, it has given me some insecurities that I definitely dwell on longer and more often than I should. Every day, I am learning to accept me the way I am and embrace it, and show it off a little ;) Never have I done something like this and I wanted to put myself in an uncomfortable, yet exciting environment. I have never been entirely positive about my body image and this allowed me to see myself in a way that I never expected. I wanted to show my 31 year old self that I still can look and feel sexy as a single person. “

SammiL Blog_0225Going into the shoot were you worried or scared about anything?

“I was of course only thinking about how I would look on camera- very gut wrenching to think about how the session would go and how the pictures would come out, nothing against Sarah’s AMAZING skills- all about me and my own image of myself. But I talked myself out of the enormous hole I was digging, and worked up to being excited and taking everything and anything out of the shoot and applying to everyday mentality. “

What is your favorite part of the session?

“Sarah made me feel extremely confident and comfortable in every single shot. I never once thought about hiding a part of my body or not showing off in the outfits I chose. It was an astonishing experience feeling that way in front of a stranger in all honesty. I was in total shock when I saw my pictures, I could not believe that it was me! I kept looking through them, over and over, trying to figure out who it was. ”

“This was a brand new experience for me, so I loved being totally outside of my comfort zone. It was an extremely large confidence boost being in the session, and then seeing the pictures, I was just amazed. I really enjoyed how comfortable Sarah made it. I felt so at ease and comfortable in my own skin, which is something I have always struggled embracing.”

What changes have you noticed in yourself after your photo shoot?

“After my shoot, I have a lot more confidence in myself, and my image. I notice that I don’t spend as much time thinking about what I can change, or what I would remove if given the option. Also, I find that I spend a lot less time putting myself down for not being an “ideal image”. I learned to embrace me for me because I am amazing and sexy as hell!”

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Sounds to me like Samantha got so much more out of her session than just beautiful images.  And THAT is why I love my job so so much.   It is my hope that everyone gets so much more out of their session just like Samantha did!   On Facebook I have a women’s group dedicated towards acceptance and lifting other women up.   I’d love for you to join and be part of this amazing group.  If you are interested go HERE.

As always, CONTACT ME if you would like more information about doing your own session!