What an amazing session this sensual beauty had this past winter. This gorgeous woman booked a session so that she could gift her boyfriend an album for Christmas. Literally, every image from her session was amazing. Her boyfriend had to have been pretty excited to get this gift as well.

I loved how comfortable and open this sensual beauty was. In her early forties, I think she has realized that no one is perfect but that no matter what she is pretty darn amazing!

She brought some lingerie items that she wasn’t so sure about. Specifically, some red panties with a great big bow on her tush. While they certainly aren’t practical they definitely photographed amazing! In addition to that, her boyfriend had gotten her a red lace full body bodysuit. Wow… that color popped so nice with her skin tones!

Hope you enjoyed a few images from her session. It certainly was an amazing session for this sensual beauty!

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