Women are sexy at any age! Recently, I saw a post in one of my boudoir groups asking for suggestions on how to shoot a woman of old ish age. She was speaking of a 44 year old woman! Wow, many ladies in the group got a little heated about this. Forty is NOT old ish.

Sure, there are benefits to shooting at different ages. When we are young in our low twenties and early thirties we have young bodies that haven’t had stretch marks and given birth yet. More than likely, women in their twenties probably have the best body they will ever have.

Benefits to Having a Boudoir Session After 40:

However, once women get close to 40 there are so many other benefits to doing a boudoir session. Most women are more financially stable in their forties and can invest in a seasoned boudoir photographer. In addition, most women in their forties can afford or know how to save for the boudoir products they really want vs settling. I also think that as we get older we develop a different kind of confidence and self acceptance than we had when we were younger. Studies show that women hit their sexual prime after forty. We know our bodies, we know what we like and we know what feels good. This brings even more to your session as we have a different confidence than we had had previously.

Women really are sexy at any age. I have shot women that were just over 18 and I’ve shot women in their 60’s. Gosh, some day I hope to photograph a woman in her 70’s and 80’s too! Every woman I’ve shot has been amazing at their session.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do a session because you are not as young as you once were! Girl, you go rock your shoot and embrace the body you have now!