I can’t say enough about this sexy momma and how amazing she is.   Not only is she beautiful and easy to photograph but she’s also amazingly positive and full of energy.  Miss “C” is a mother of 3 boys (12, 7 and one on the way!).   She keeps busy working, volunteering and spending time with her boys.   When she does have the occasional free time she loves to dance, roller skate, do cosplay and hang with the girls for a night out.  She also does some movie/tv extra work for fun!

I asked Miss “C” a little about why she did her session and how she felt afterwards.   Here’s a little more about her session.

Straight from her mouth!

“I’ve wanted to do a session for a long time but never felt confident enough to do one.   As I’ve gotten older my confidence and self esteem has gone up.  I thought, if I can handle being a single mom then I can do anything!  Doing a session was also another step in focusing on myself a little more.

I was surprised at how nervous I was!   I’m used to being on stage and in front of the camera but I was starting to have doubts.  Being older and having a couple of kids had changed my body.   I worried if my dimples or stretch marks would be hideous or whether I would just look ridiculous trying to be “sexy”.  Afterwards, though I felt like I could conquer the world!  Everything I had been nervous about faded a few minutes into the session.   Every single picture and pose turned out AMAZING.

Doing this session definitely made me care a lot less about what the world thinks and more about what I want in life.   I care more about what makes me happy.   Every woman likes to capture their sexiest moments.   I’m proud every time I look at my photos.  I’m proud because not only was I brave, but I think I look beautiful.  My body is going to change as I get older.  I wish I would have captured myself when I was younger.   I’m so happy I will have these photos to look back on and remember this stage of my life.”

Do a session for you.

“Do a boudoir session for YOU!   You’ll be so happy you did.   It’s so empowering for women and you should do it for yourself.  We are all different shapes and sizes and I love to see women proudly capturing their sexiest and most beautiful moments on camera.  If we were all the same shape and size the world would be boring!   As women we spend too much time in competition with each other and  we need to stop that.   We need to encourage each other to show off our beautiful bodies as well as our beautiful minds.   We are all super women!    And to the women who say that their pictures won’t turn out as great or they tell me that I have a better body for boudoir… I love responding with “I don’t look like that in real life! That’s the work of a remarkable photographer.”   Sarah did such an amazing job telling me how to pose that she captured my best sides and curves   She knows her stuff when it comes to lighting, focus and angles so she really made the magic happen!  I can’t wait for my next session!”

See what I meant about her being amazing, positive and empowering!   I swear, she’s like my twin when it comes to that!   Gotta love her!   Look how beautiful her session was!  She is definitely one sexy momma!