The super sweet Kristina booked a beach mini session with me this summer. These were super limited edition sessions with only a few sunrise spots available. Gorgeous light was what Kristina got! She braved getting out of bed super early to do a 545am session. That morning light was by far the best light of the entire day.

As with all of my sessions I like to as my clients to tell me a little bit about themselves and how their session went.

A little bit right from the sweet Kristina herself:

I recently turned 25, & summer time is my favorite time of year! On a social aspect, I am a tequila kind of girl and love meeting new people (even though I am super shy!). I tend to be a workaholic but lately I have been trying to pace myself so I can also enjoy the little moments in life with my family and friends.

I have a knack for interior /exterior designing & event planning. If i am not working, i enjoy being at a beach or in the city with my fam and friends!

I’ve been wanting to do a session for over a year now but always talked myself out of doing so since I am so shy. But I promised myself I should start saying yes to fun opportunities even though it may be out of my comfort zone.

Having never done anything like this before, I was nervous going into the shoot. But, I also felt comfortable since the sand and water are practically my home.

Afterwards, I felt super confident. I was looking forward to seeing the shots that were taken during the shoot.

How did the session change the way I feel about myself?

I started accepting myself a little more this year, so signing up for a boudoir shoot was definitely me being more confident in myself. After looking at the preview pics I definitely fell in love with myself more (not to sound crazy or vain).

Sarah was amazing, she made me laugh and feel comfortable the entire time. I really would consider doing a full session in the future. I would have done one earlier than when I finally decided to, but I was so self conscious and not as comfortable with myself that I kept deciding to wait. But I realized that life is too short to put a pause on anything so if not now, when? New mindset leading into my 25th year :) Glad I got to start it off with this session!

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