February is Black History Month.  The past two years more than ever that month should be celebrated.  Black women need to believe and know that they are special and just as important as anyone else.  As a boudoir photographer I try to do my best to show all women how beautiful and special they are.  Tanisha took me up on my Black History Month special and came into the studio for her own boudoir session.  I’m so grateful she did.  Last year I relocated the studio and had to re do my website.  Since then, I have been working hard to represent all women.  More importantly,  I want women to look at my website and know that all women are represented.   Tanisha was kind enough to let me share some of her images on my site so Black women are more accurately represented there.

Tanisha Blog_0139

As always, it is so fun to get to know my clients.   I love learning about their lives, jobs and families.  More importantly, I love getting to hear about their insecurities about their body.  Let’s be honest, we all have our own insecurities.    The best part of being a boudoir photographer, however, is that I get to help wash away those insecurities.  Showing these women how amazing and powerful their bodies are is pretty darn special.

When Tanisha received her email with her gallery she was on cloud nine.  She has sent me several messages telling me how she couldn’t believe it was her in the pictures.

This was my favorite message from her:

“Thank you so much. They are beautiful. I love them SO much. I was just telling my friend last night I hardly have any pictures of me growing up and now I have something to look back on in the future. It’s amazing… now I can see how beautiful and black I am. It sounds crazy for me to write that out but you’ve shown me a side of myself I never thought I could bring out. Thank you so much.”

Tanisha Blog_0140

Not going to lie, that last message made me tear up.  And THIS is why I shoot boudoir.   It’s not about shooting sexy pictures of a woman.   I mean, that’s a bonus.  But, getting to know women.   Getting to show these women how beautiful, powerful and special they are is why I do this job!

Tanisha Blog_0141 Tanisha Blog_0142 Tanisha Blog_0144Want to see some more boudoir images?  Check out our boudoir gallery HERE.