Welcome to the Sarah Jane Boudoir Self-Love Movement!

Recently, an out of state boudoir friend of mine started this self-love movement.  I was truly moved by the idea.  You can see hers HERE. She inspired me to do my own version of the movement.  So, welcome!   I’m so excited that you are here and can’t wait for you all to become part of this project.

Over the course of the next few months, you will meet and hear from real women.  You’ll get to see real, raw and unedited images of these beautiful women.  Not only, will you see their images you are also going to hear their story.   Every woman has a story that relates to the journey they’ve been through regarding their body image.

These days, we are constantly surrounded by social media.  We are shown what the “ideal” body should look like.  Well, guess what?  That’s an edited social media version you see.   It’s not real.   I’m truly blessed to have found boudoir.  Through boudoir I’ve helped show so many women that their bodies are amazing as they are!  And I’m hoping that by showing you these images and telling their stories you’ll start to see that too.

I look forward to the day where our children and our children’s children have a different acceptance and love for their body than previous generations have!  All women should know they are beautiful and that they are enough!

Welcome to the self-love movement!!!!   Here’s a little bit about my journey!

As a little girl I was always worried about what others thought of me.  I worried that I didn’t fit in as we moved quite a bit.  With my super pale skin and dark hair I worried that my arms were too hairy. Often resorting to shaving my arms and bleaching my arm hair. As a teenager I spent far too much time in the sun trying to get a tan.  With a family full of red heads, tan skin just isn’t something that is meant for me!

I was always a child that had some slight depression issues. Depression was something that started while still in grade school!

I grew up with a wonderful mom and sister, who always struggled with their weight.  No doubt that years of seeing diet culture had impacted them and they always felt like they should be smaller.  While I was a thin kid, I had seen the ordeals they went through in attempt to control what they thought the ideal weight should be.

In middle school though high school I was faced with some sexual abuse.  This abuse mixed with my already depressive personality wasn’t a good mix and I spiraled to a not so good place mentally.  One of the things I found that helped (or so I thought at the time) was controlling what I ate.  You see, I already knew how to diet from watching my family.  I felt as though I had no control in my life.  So, I turned to anorexia as it was  a way to me to have some control back.    I got down to a crazy low weight I’ll be honest…. it didn’t help.  Being tiny and unhealthy didn’t fix anything.  Controlling my weight didn’t fix anything.

When things began to change.

Thanks to a special teacher in my High School and an amazing counselor I finally started to get some help.   Lots of counseling later, combined with positive people and a lot of time passed,  I had learned some self acceptance.

I went on to get married, have children and so much more.   My body continued to change and grow.  It wasn’t until probably close to 30 that I really learned to love my body for all it’s been through and all it’s done.   My body has weathered abuse, thyroid issues, multiple surgeries and child birth. Every day I wake up and my body carries me though my day.  Now, instead of being down about my wrinkly belly I’m understanding that it brought a couple of beautiful babies into this world.   My scars are just little reminders that I’m tough and I can handle anything.   I’ve even stopped coloring my hair and have learned to embrace my beautiful grays! Oh, and that pale skin and dark arm hair I had as a kid that I couldn’t stand?  It’s still there.  Only now, I literally never think about it.

My body is MINE.   It’s strong and capable of so so many things.   I’ve learned to love my wrinkled belly, pale skin and rolls because they are part of what makes me me!   Want to be part of the self-love movement?  Apply HERE !

Here’s me, gray hair and all!

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