Hello Beautiful! Are you thinking about booking a boudoir shoot? I bet you have some questions. Well, you’re not alone! It’s perfectly normal to have some hesitations and some questions before baring it all in front of the camera. But fear not, today I am going to tackle those questions to help put your mind at ease. Let’s dive into what clients are afraid to ask their boudoir photographer (but totally shouldn’t be!).  These things all apply to me as a boudoir photographer.  Even if you aren’t choosing me, these things should still apply to most other boudoir photographers.

  1. What if I’m not a lingerie model?: Let me start by saying this loud and clear: You absolutely do not need to be a lingerie model to rock a boudoir shoot! Boudoir photography is all about celebrating your unique beauty, regardless of your shape, size, or age. Your photographer is there to capture the best version of YOU, so leave those worries at the door.
  2. What if I have no clue how to pose?: Your boudoir photographer should guide you through natural, flattering poses that showcase your beauty and personality. Think of it as a fun, empowering photoshoot with your best friend (who just happens to have a camera)! When booking with me, I will literally show you exactly how to do each and every pose.
  3. What if I’m nervous or self-conscious?: Um, I think that it’s totally normal to feel a little nervous before your boudoir shoot—I mean, who wouldn’t be? This is definitely outside of most people’s comfort zone. But trust me when I say that those nerves will melt away shortly after we start taking pictures. Your photographer is there to make you feel comfortable, confident, and downright amazing. I promise you, it’s not nearly as intimidating as you think.
  4. Can I bring a friend for moral support?: Absolutely! If having a trusted friend by your side makes you feel more comfortable, then by all means, bring them along for the ride. But, a little something to think about.  Often times doing a session on your own is more empowering.  You allow yourself to be vulnerable not just in your pictures but our conversations.  Sometimes, doing a session without your friend can be more healing and empowering.  Not all boudoir photographers may feel this way, so discuss this with your photographer first.
  5. What if I don’t like how I look in the photos?: If you go to someone that specializes in boudoir, they are a master of their craft. They know all the tricks to capture your best angles, highlight your favorite features, and edit out any imperfections. But more importantly, they see the beauty in you that you may not see yourself. Trust in their expertise, and I guarantee you’ll be blown away by how stunning you look in the final photos.
  6. Can I keep my photos private?: Absolutely! Your privacy and comfort are top priorities for your boudoir photographer. You have full control over who sees your photos, whether you want to keep them all to yourself, share them with your partner, or display them proudly on your bedroom wall. It’s your body, your choice, and your photographer will respect and honor your wishes. If they don’t, you don’t want to be going to that photographer.
  7. What if I have scars, stretch marks, or other imperfections?: Those so-called “imperfections” are what make you uniquely beautiful. Your boudoir photographer is not going to judge or criticize you for having scars, stretch marks, or anything else that makes you human. In fact, they’ll likely embrace and celebrate those quirks as part of your story and journey. So rock those tiger stripes and wear them with pride! Just so you know, the majority of people out there have some sort of imperfections!
  8. Will my photos be retouched?: Yes, most boudoir photographers offer basic retouching services to enhance the overall look of your photos. This may include smoothing out skin, brightening eyes, and adjusting lighting and color balance. Ultimately, I still want you to look like you in your photos.  Just a slightly more polished version of you!
  9. Can I bring my own props or lingerie?: Absolutely! Your boudoir shoot is about you, so feel free to bring along any props, outfits, or accessories that reflect your personality and style. Whether it’s a favorite pair of heels, a vintage scarf, or a sentimental piece of jewelry.
  10. What if I chicken out at the last minute?: If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or anxious leading up to your boudoir shoot, don’t hesitate to reach out to your photographer and express your concerns. They’re there to support you every step of the way. They will do whatever it takes to ensure you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to rock your shoot!

So there you have it! What clients are afraid to ask their boudoir photographer…. The answers to those burning questions you’ve been too afraid to ask your boudoir photographer. Remember, your boudoir shoot is all about embracing your beauty, celebrating the body YOU have, and owning your confidence like never before. So go ahead, book that photoshoot, and get ready to shine!

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