These bubble mini sessions we had in the studio this past month were such a hit.  I only offer mini sessions about once or twice a year and they are always some sort of different theme than you would get at a normal full session.  When I was trying to come up with an idea for these I decided bubble sessions would be perfect!   Heck, you can never go wrong with bubbles, right?

Heck, you can never go wrong with bubbles, right?

Nope, totally wrong.   Hahaha…. first of all.  You have to work fast.  Because, if you don’t everything just starts to get wet.  Like very wet.    I quickly learned that when the bubbles pop they leave these little white dots on the skin or hair.   Definitely not fun to have to edit all those dots out.  In addition, when the bubbles fully dry they kinda looked like this smeared, cream colored crusty, um….. I can’t even say it.   Yup, not a good look.  And once again more editing.

After the session, all of those bubbles dried on my carpet and the fur rugs I have in the studio.  My fur rugs were all stiff and not very soft with the dried bubbles.  I had to dig out the carpet cleaner and run a few passes of water over it to dilute the soap bubbles that had dried.  Next, I took the large fur rugs I have out into the backyard and hosed them off.   No soap needed though as they were pretty covered in soap already!

Was all that clean up and editing worth it?

Heck yes!  These bubble mini sessions came out beautifully!  It was so fun to see how it came out in camera.  They were beautiful, different and so so much fun.   Will I do them again soon?   Definitely not.  But someday in the future after all the clean up has dissipated in my mind I might consider it again.   Now for glitter, that’s a big fat NO, always!  Haha.

Bubble Blog_0283

Bubble Blog_0282

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