This steamy shower set is just what we needed in the studio!  At my old studio I had a modified shower setup and I’ve been missing it for quite some time.  Needless to say,  I am beyond thrilled to be able to offer this set in the studio again.   Now, it’s even bigger and better.  Every session using this set up has some neon lights added to it as well.

The neon during these shoots adds such a fun sexy pop to these images.   For those not interested in neon don’t worry!   There’s is always some black and white images included as well as normal lighting.

Shower Scene Blog_0189

Want to know the best part of this set up?  You don’t even have to get wet!   It’s clearly not a real shower as that wouldn’t fit in my studio.  Instead, you get the look of a shower without actually having to redo your hair and makeup!

This shower set is actually a bonus set in the studio.   How do you gain access to the bonus sets?   Well, you can do a pre session payment plan for your collection.  Or, you can pre pay for your collection at least two weeks before your session to gain access to special bonuses.   Check out this BLOG post to learn more or feel free to reach out to me!

Shower Scene Blog_0191