Candace is 34 years old.  She’s been married for 11 years and has 3 little adorable boys!  Currently, she’s a practice manager for a nephrology office.  She loves being outside as much as possible and enjoys everything outdoors.  Especially, loves watching her boys play baseball!  Candace has always wanted to do a boudoir session.  But, after having her three children and working out six days a week she finally felt she was at a place where she felt ready.  She’s never been happier and wanted to celebrate where she’s at in life with a boudoir session!

Candace, were you nervous about anything going into your session?

“I wouldn’t say scared, I was more nervous. I mean you are half naked!!”

Why would you recommend doing a boudoir session?

“Sarah will make you so comfortable. You will be half naked having real normal conversations that you completely forget that you are in lingerie. She’s real and completely amazing I couldn’t recommend her enough! “

Did you have a favorite part of your session?

“Everything honestly! It was just an overall great experience that I think every person should truly do.  I feel more confident in my outfit choices and have gone outside my comfort zone more than I typically would. I used to be bothered by people looking at me if I did wear something more tight fighting than I liked and now I have a different perspective Maybe they like it or think it’s cute vs a negative feeling. “

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I loved working with Candace.  She brought a very positive energy to her session and images.  Seeing her reaction when she first saw her images was amazing.  You could tell she was so proud of herself for doing a session and just knew she looked amazing!

Thinking about doing your own session and want to see more?  Check out Mindy’s session while you are here as well!   Reach out to me as well and we can discuss your session too.   I always recommend a quick phone consultation at some point as well.  A phone call can clear up many questions and can also calm some pre session jitters as well!