Chéla brought so much energy to her session.  She had her makeup done in studio by my talented makeup artist, Rosie.  Wow, she looked so amazing with her makeup done.  It really brought out all of her unique features.   She has the most incredible eyes and cheekbones!

Chéla is a beautiful mom who doesn’t get to treat herself as much as she should.  She jokes that she’s a rainbow sheep instead of a black sheep.  Coming from a conservative family, her family often questions her actions.  However, in her family she’s often met with wonder instead of being shunned.

This beauty booked her session to help gain some confidence in who she is.  Often, she will shy away from things she wants to do in fear of being judged.  I’m so glad that she took a chance and did a boudoir session.  Seriously, she was absolutely stunning and I’m so very thankful I had the opportunity to work with her!  I know, without a doubt, that she is raising a strong and confident daughter.  Her daughter will be comfortable and proud of her body because she watches and sees her mom’s confidence!

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Here’s a little bit from Chéla herself:

“Going into my session, I was anxious about my hair and makeup.  I had a last minute cancellation for my hair appointment.  And, I don’t get my makeup done very often and my face was breaking out far more than usual.  I loved Sarah’s energy and knowledge.  Her helping me pose took away the worry of looking awkward.  I appreciate the props and outfits that were available in the studio”

I loved ALL of it!

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