Christine is a wife and mom to three wonderful daughters.  She works full time and is on track to complete her doctoral degree this fall.   Christine likes to describe herself as just a regular gal.  In her spare time she loves to listen to music, watch movies, read books and enjoy nature.

I asked Christine some questions about her session and would like to share her story with you.

Why did you choose to do a boudoir session?

“So many reasons!! Primarily, it was for my husband since we are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this year. But, let’s be real; it was for me, too!! I think we as women have so few opportunities to be the subject of a beautiful photograph; as a busy mom, I am usually the one taking the pictures and on the off chance I get featured in someone else’s picture, I am usually unhappy with what I see. So, I wanted to see myself in a new and different light. I am turning 40 this year and have also been on a weight-loss journey, so figured now is as good a time as any to do something like this. Lastly, I had been seeing the other gals pics features in the blog and felt inspired!”

Christine_0312Going into the shoot were you worried or scared about anything?

“A little bit, yeah…I was worried about how my body would look but also wanted to be seen as I am – so I was a little conflicted. But I had complete trust in Sarah to do a wonderful job!!”

“Sarah made it so fun and easy to feel beautiful and sexy!! She was open, patient, funny, encouraging and helpful. She has a beautiful studio, offers amazing options of things to be featured in the shoot, and worked quickly (during the shoot and after – I got my pictures back much quicker than I expected)! Getting her help and advice with the outfits and accessories was much appreciated!! I was worried it would be awkward, as many are, but honestly, Sarah made it feel like I was just hanging out with a friend. She also ensured I had a personalized experience, asking questions about my husband and his preferences (since she knew this was going to be a gift for my husband)! She is also timely, sweet and thorough with her answers to all of the (many) pre- and post-shoot questions I had!! Sarah was seriously amazing to work with!!”

Christine_0311What was your favorite part of your session?

“Ok – no brainer – the teal robe!!! But also, realizing that I could do this and not be embarrassed or bashful was pretty big for me . I love how Sarah gave me the opportunity to suggest poses or things I wanted to have included in my shoot. I really loved having my hair and make-up done!! Also – I am so glad I did it because I think my future self (particularly as an elderly lady) will love looking at these & reflecting on all the reasons I did it along with how I felt after getting all the images back.”

“Since my session, I’m far more body-positive which is something I have always struggled with. I feel more confident and am really proud of myself for doing something so far out of my comfort zone!! “

Christine_0308 Christine_0309 Christine_0310

I love how Christine mentioned her future self and reflecting on her images.  Often, I say how I hope my grandchildren see my boudoir images and know how badass and confident their grandma is!

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