The confident and amazing Ms B booked her session months ago. She was recently in town visiting family and I’m so honored she chose to have me do her boudoir pictures when she was here!

Ms B is a writer and mom of two amazing girls. In her spare time she enjoys reading, spending time with her girls, traveling when she can and going to concerts (she can’t get enough live music!) Cooking and baking is also something that helps her unwind as well.

Lately, she’s been watching a little TV to relax as well. She’s obsessed with storytelling so binge watching is something she does more often than she’d like to admit. Ms B is also learning how to play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). Nerdy is sexy, y’all!

I recently asked this confident and sexy woman a few questions about her session.

Straight from this gorgeous lady herself:

“I had a really hard year a couple years back. It was a dark time. It was time to come out of it. This session was a celebration. It was me saying: Here I am! I am doing better than I ever have before. I’m proud of myself as woman and finally comfortable in my own skin.

How did I feel going into my session? Honestly? I had a tiny bit of nerves but mainly I was excited. At 42, this is me. I have nothing to prove. And, I feel damn good about myself. Let’s do this. This was for me.

After my session I felt great! Empowered. Sarah made me feel so comfortable.

How did the session change the way I feel about myself? It reinforced to me that sexy isn’t just looking one certain way. I’ve always been insecure about to having too many curves. For so long I thought that meant I was a lesser woman. But this session made me feel so good! We all have our insecurities. But, sexy comes in all shapes and sizes.

When we feel sexy it shows. Confidence is so sexy. Own it!”

Ms B Blog

I’m so happy that Ms B had her session. She was amazing and I hope that this session helped bring a little bit of confidence back that she needed!

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