Jen has booked several sessions with me in the past.  She is open to trying new things and is always a dream to photograph.  So, when Jen & Zac reached out to me to do a couples boudoir session I was so excited.  I hadn’t met Zac before but have heard a lot about him while working with Jen.

Jen & Zac have a beautiful blended family.  Together they have 3 little kids that are all extremely close in age.  Zac works in in a manual labor job and Jen is a stay at home mom with LOTS of side hustles.

When they first arrived to the studio we took some time to sit down and discuss how the session was going to go.  Like all of my sessions, we discussed what they were going to wear.  And I gave basic posing instruction.

Wow, they were totally natural in front of the camera.  Zac has the most perfect stare.  So much that I even took a couple of photos of just him.  After all, Jen has lots of just herself since she’s photographed with me before.  It just seemed fitting that he has some too!

Jen & Zac_0023

I think what I loved most about their session is that you can literally see the love they share by looking at their eyes.  Truly, I’m so glad that they have these images.  One day, times will be rough.  Trust me, there will be rough times.  There always is.  But now, they have these images to look back on and it’s my hope that they will help them connect again!

I’ve been told by many of my couples clients that their therapists have recommended doing a session.  These sessions really do help you connect in a way that is different than your every day life.  And I just love that therapists are embracing the value of boudoir too!

Jen & Zac_0022 Jen & Zac_0025

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