Kate works as an assistant director at a daycare.  She has 2 children, a boy and a girl.  In her free time she enjoys baking and painting.

This has been a rough year for Kate.  She finally kicked out her emotionally abusive boyfriend, leaving her a single mom of 2.  Her dog got sick unexpectedly and died of heart disease. Then, her grandmother passed away last year on Christmas Day.  Needless to say, her grandfather passed away soon after.  And if that wasn’t enough, her mom was diagnosed with cancer and died just 6 short months after her diagnoses.  It was literally one thing after another and she was feeling so incredibly low.

As this rough year moved on she finally met someone new who brought some light to her life.  He gave her a little bit more confidence and she felt she needed to boost that confidence even more.  So, she booked a boudoir session!  This was definitely out of her comfort zone but she trusted in the process and put herself out there.

As with most of my boudoir sessions, I like to ask my clients some questions to see how their session went.


Here’s some things Kate had to say:

“Going into my session, I was worried about how the outfits would look on me.  I was concerned that I may not be able to pull off some of the poses.  I was wrong.  Doing a boudoir session gives you a confidence you never thought you could have. Seeing yourself like that is indescribable. It’s so incredibly empowering and Sarah does an amazing job of making the whole experience comfortable and fun!”

Did you have a favorite part of your session?

“It’s hard to pick a favorite part.  Getting to do all of the outfit changes and poses was just so exciting!  I definitely feel more confident as well as proud of myself for doing something for me!”

I’m so glad that Kate finally got in for her session.  Because she had such a rough year, we had to reschedule it quite a ways out.  I think this session brought some healing to her.  Hopefully, when she looks at her photos it brings a smile to her face.


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