Kora is a 46 year old mother of two.  Her daughter is 24.  Her son is her angel of 9.5 years.  She also has an adorable 5 year old granddaughter.  Kora and her husband have been together for 7 years, married for 4 years.  For work, she works for a legacy airline as a ramp agent and absolutely loves her job.  Prior to this job she spent 12 years working as a fire fighter/EMT before getting injured and spent 14 years on disability.

Kora did this boudoir session for herself.  She works in a male dominated industry, always has.  She was needing and wanting to do something more feminine for herself to remind her how beautiful she is.


Some words from Kora:

“Going into my session, I was very worried the photos would not look like me.  I’m not used to having my hair and makeup done.  Sarah was so nice, friendly and kind.  She made everything easy and smooth.  My favorite part about the session was being pampered a little bit with getting my hair and makeup done.  Since my session, obviously when I’m not working, I now take a little extra time to put on some makeup and style my hair.  I know I don’t need to do these things, but now I realize I need it as my self care time.  I’ve noticed that it really does help me feel better about myself.  I think I needed this session to show me that”

I’m so glad that Kora had such a great experience and I’m glad that she was finally able to do a session.  I really loved getting to know her.  This incredible woman has been through a lot in her lifetime.  She’s come through it all stronger than she realizes.  I think doing this session helped her get in touch with her feminine side that she often forgets is there.



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