Ms C booked a boudoir session recently. She was doing this session for a gift for her soon to be husband! I could tell when Ms C arrived that she was a little nervous going into her session. Makeup and hair were added on to her session so we got to know each other a bit in that hour before her session.

As with all of my clients I like to ask them a little bit about their session.

Here’s a little bit right from Ms C herself!

“I am getting married this summer and wanted to do something special for my fiancé. After having my session with Sarah and viewing my images with her, I know that I picked the perfect “something special” to give to my fiancé on the the morning of our wedding!

I was pretty nervous going into my session. So much in fact, that I even brought a White Claw to my hair and make-up session to calm the nerves beforehand! It’s not often that I say this, but the White Claw was not needed! Sarah made me feel completely comfortable! She helped me choose my wardrobe, demonstrated every single pose and made all of my insecurities go away. I am so thankful for such an amazing experience.

How has this session changed the way I feel about myself?

“I couldn’t believe the photos she took were of ME! The photos seemed like something I would see on Pinterest and I could only dream the same type of photos would be captured with me in them! Sarah made that dream a reality. My session/viewing the images made me remember to love myself a little more and give myself a bit more credit.

Seriously, just do a session! You will love it… and so will your significant other!”

I’m so glad Ms C booked a session! She was so fun to work with and I’m so happy she loves her images.

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