Sara was quick to want to be part of this self-love movement.  I’m honored that she was willing to trust me and let me show share her story. Now, in her 40’s Sara understands that part of self-love is taking time for herself both mentally and physically.  Loving herself allows her to be her best self for those around her.

Sara, where are you at in your self-love journey?

“I feel my self-love journey definitely needs some improvement. Yes, I have a tendency to put others before myself.  But, I know I have to and need to remember me first sometimes and that’s ok!”

“Growing up I was bullied through high school and college because fo the way I looked.  Because of this, I didn’t have the best mindset and got into some not so good relationships.  Going through a terrible relationship in my late 20’s finally made me realize that I AM WORTHY  of love and happiness no matter what anyone says.”

“Ladies, always remember that no situation is ever worth your mental, emotional or physical health.  There is always and I mean ALWAYS something bigger and better out there no matter how bad it is right now.  Repeat after me:  I and Worthy, I am Loved!”

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This self-love movement hits me in all the right places.  It’s so amazing to see all of these women learning to embrace themselves and learn some body acceptance.  Also, it’s so nice to see these women come together and share their stories.  Hopefully, by seeing and reading their stories you too will learn to love your body a little more.

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