Stella is a full time working mom of a 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl.  With her 10 year anniversary coming up, Stella wanted to give her husband a big surprise.  Needless to say, that’s where the idea of a boudoir session came up.  It just so happened that this year she was turning 30 as well.  She decided this would also help her feel more confident in her post baby body again.

Going into her session, Stella felt a little nervous.  She was worried about feeling confident in her body since it’s not exactly where she wants it to be.  It’s my hope that this session has helped her feel a little more confident in the body that she has.   Even if she continues to work on herself, truly I want her to give herself a little more grace and accept the body she currently has.   I’m also certain that her husband will love these images as well.

A little bit from Stella herself:

“I felt very comfortable and confident with Sarah! She showed everything and gave great direction. The picture turned out beautiful! My favorite part of the session was feeling more confident in myself and of course seeing the pictures after. Since my session I definitely feel more confident! Love the pictures and being able to see my body in a new light! “

Stella was a dancer when she was younger.  You can absolutely tell in some of her pictures.  She has the ability to point her toes and arch her back far more than the average client!  It was fun to see what she was capable of doing in regards to posing.

Stella Blog_0063

I oh so loved getting to know her and we enjoyed some fun conversation during her session as well.  I hope you enjoy some of the photos from her session.  Because she signed an anonymous model release, you won’t be seeing her beautiful face.  Always know that when you book a session with me, you are in full control of what I am allowed to share.  Sometimes that means I can’t share any images from your session, sometimes I can share them all and sometimes I can only share anonymous images.   The decision is yours!

Stella Blog_0064

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