March 2023

Stacy’s Review | Wauconda Boudoir


When I read Stacy's review from her session it really made me happy.  Most reviews do.  But, there was something extra special about Stacy's review because I truly got to know her during her session.  I know how healing and special this shoot was for her. You see, Stacy didn't book her session for her [...]

Stacy’s Review | Wauconda Boudoir2023-03-19T10:56:14-05:00

February 2023

Boudoir Quotes | Chicagoland Boudoir Photographer


How we think and talk to ourselves impacts our body. Reading some positive quotes and affirmations can help reset our mind and bring a peace to us that we didn't have before.  As a boudoir photographer even I need a pick me up once in awhile. Often, I will post some positive boudoir quotes on [...]

Boudoir Quotes | Chicagoland Boudoir Photographer2023-02-28T12:49:26-06:00

January 2022

Karli | Sarah Jane Boudoir Self-Love Movement


Karli was so excited to be part of this self-love movement.  As a mother to a little girl, she knows how important it is to be loving and accepting to your body.   Karli wants to be a good example to her daughter. Here's some things Karli had to say about her self-love journey: "Self-love [...]

Karli | Sarah Jane Boudoir Self-Love Movement2022-01-07T11:15:06-06:00
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