This gorgeous luxe teal robe is now available as a bonus set here at Sarah Jane Boudoir.   I promise you, it’s even more beautiful in person than it is in pictures.  The pictures don’t disappoint either!  If you are interested in learning more about the bonus sets and how you can get bonuses for your session read this past BLOG that explains it a little more.

Luxe Teal Robe Blog_0186

The teal robe is the most beautiful rich darker teal color.  There’s layers and layers of soft tulle fabric on this robe.  This robe even extra tulle on the sleeves, at the base of the robe and there’s a trail down the back of the robe as well.   I can’t tell you how beautiful this robe is.   This robe had been on my wish list for probably two years.   I debated whether I really needed it.  You see, I already have a luxe red robe.   Did I really need another luxe robe?

Luxe Teal Robe Blog_0185

After getting this robe, I kinda wish I hadn’t waited so long.  This robe is so different than the red robe I already had.  They are both beautiful but in such different ways.   Not to mention, this teal robe is so beautiful on all skin tones.  There hasn’t been a client yet that didn’t look simply amazing in this luxe teal robe.

Luxe Teal Robe Blog_0187 Luxe Teal Robe Blog_0184